The Society for Creative Anachronism

The SCA is a re-enactment group which focuses it's interest on the Middle Ages, primarily Europe from about 600 AD to 1600 AD. We try to practice the various arts and crafts of those times, in the widest sense possible, and we also try to surround ourselves as much as is practical with the fruits of our labours. Additionally, and perhaps more significantly, we try to nurture and practice some of the attitudes that go along with the cultures we study, especially Chivalry, Honour, and nobility of spirit. This index is a guide to various SCA-related pages I have either developed myself, or manage as Webmeister at the behest of local groups I work with. In times to come, I hope this page may expand to become useful in it's own right, but for now, the index of links will suffice.

Within the Society, I am Baron (court) and Forester Nigel FitzMaurice de Caeranor, CB, CDH, CGC, CE, CSO, PF, CDB; (GoA), AoA.

Brewing and Vintning Research (5 pages): I have an interest in brewing and vintning, particularly the manufacture of early cordials as they emerge from a medicinal background. Here are several papers I have written:

Gwyntarian Tunners Guild (8 pages): This is a small site devoted to the local brewer's and vintners of the area, within which I am the cellarer. It includes the charter of our guild, and several examples of research done by members.

Regnal Chronologies (120 pages): Not specifically associated with research for the SCA, my Regnal Chronologies website is, nevertheless, a large archive of king lists, dynastic connections, and political geography the world over. As such, it may be of some use to Scadians in persona development and research.

            Some of the Appendices are:

Winter Challenge Shoot (11 pages): The rules and current scoring for the Gwyntarian Winter Challenge Archery Shoot, a mail-in competition running from November to April and known to Scadian target archers throughout the Society.

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