Obsidian's Lair

An index for my current web projects...

Mouth OBSIDIAN MOUTHS OFF - This is emphatically not a blog. It's just a collection of essays I happen to write every now and then, on a variety of topics. There's nothing in the least bit bloggish about it... Really. Do I look like a journalist? ...Stop smirking.
Pantheons Banner PANTHEONS - An archive of divinities from a variety of different mythoi. By no means complete, these should be regarded more in the nature of notes intended to give a basic impression.
Crown REGNAL CHRONOLOGIES - An archive of structural history: King lists, records of sovereign and semi-sovereign nations, a bit of heraldry, extent of greatest empires, all the boring stuff. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it...
Nigel's Arms SCA FILES - A group of files involving the Society For Creative Anachronism. Here may be found the home of the Gwyntarian Winter Challenge, various papers I've written on brewing and vintning, and the Gwyntarian Tunner's Guild home.

caeranor@gmail.comComments, suggestions, irritable grumblings? Drop me a line.

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