This has become something of a leftover file since the site was completely revised in Jan.-Feb. 2005, and most of the links on it have been placed elsewhere (see, e.g., the button column to the left). Nevertheless, I want to retain it on the chance that some readers may have links to this address - and aside from that, it is a useful home for the ongoing "What's New" logs. If I think of any other miscellaneous material that doesn't seem to fit elsewhere, I will put it here.

What's New? I add to this archive in one way or another quite frequently, but usually the additions are just minor adjustments in a particular place. Still, when I change the "This site last modified..." date at the bottom of the home page, readers have no notion as to whether I've merely changed a date or added a name, or added a whole new sector. Here, then, is a record of both major and minor changes I have made, minor changes being current only for the past few months. When I first started this project, I intended to update it on a regular basis - at least once per calendar month. Recently, I have been unable to maintain that standard, owing to poor health and some other circumstances which have made life more challenging. I apologize to my readers, and hope that this will show that I am still actively pursuing this study when I can. I will continue to add and update as often as I am able, and should I become unable for any reason to work on the site, I will indicate that here. To those of you who wrote, asking after me, my great thanks for your concern and interest.