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Obsidian's Dictionary of Pantheons

Here is an index to various catalogues of religious and mythological pantheons I have researched. At the moment, the coverage is quite small, but I intend to expand it over time. The records linked to below are concise dictionaries of the various divinities current in the cultures so indicated, and at the outset, perhaps a brief disquisition on who and what I mean by "divinity" would be appropriate. I attempt in each archive to note every God and Goddess I can find a record of, but I also mention Demi-Gods and Heroes as well. All these entities, I believe, are Spiritual Beings of one sort or another. I define "Spiritual Being" as any entity having at least some of the following attributes and characteristics:
1).Existent in material form (if ever) only in the distant mythological or legendary past.
2). If based on an historical character, real (ie. non-mythological) knowledge of the person very sparse or absent altogether.
3)."Now" (ie. within the temporal context of the culture so named) existent on a purely or nearly purely spiritual plane of reality.
4).Having an awareness of and interest in the concerns of mortal humanity.
5).Having certain broadly defined supernatural powers and influences over a particular sphere of activity, contingent reality, philosophical or emotional state of being, etc.
6).Being generally recognized and accepted by the culture so named as a God, Demi-God, Avatar, Elemental, Angel, Demon, or other spiritual influence.

Note: The most recent additions and adjustments are indicated by name after the bibliography...




A MAYAN PANTHEON Most recently added to: 11 January, 2002


A CELTIC PANTHEON Most recently added to: 1 May, 2009

A GREEK PANTHEON Most recently addded to: 07 March, 2004

A ROMAN PANTHEON Most recently added to: 07 March, 2004

SLAVIC and EURASIAN PANTHEONS Most recently added to: 30 September, 2002

A TEUTONIC PANTHEON Most recently added to: 05 March, 2003


An EGYPTIAN PANTHEON Most recently added to: 27 October, 2001

A MESOPOTAMIAN PANTHEON Most recently added to: 11 September, 2001

THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK Most recently adjusted: 17 March, 2003



ROMAN 13 Dec. 2001 (Added Angerona, Cardea, Juterna, Latona, Salacia. Adjustments to Consus, Diana and Quirinus.)

TEUTONIC 13 Dec. 2001 (Added Anðrimnir and Gullveig.)

MAYAN 19 Dec. 2001 (Added Amerindian Group, Added Mayan Pantheon, Added to the bibliography.)

MAYAN 11 Jan. 2002 (Added Itzam Ye and the Witzob. Added to the bibliography.)

CELTIC 8 Feb. 2002 (Added Banshee, Cian, Dáire, Ecne, Eogabal, Ernmas, Fer Í, Grian, and Mór Muman.)

CELTIC 9 Feb. 2002 (Added Balor, Cúchulainn, and Fionn MacCumhaill. Expanded Finnguala and Flidais.)

CELTIC 23 Mar. 2002 (Added Druantia and the Gorics. Expanded Etain and Mider.)

CELTIC 24 Mar. 2002 (Added Nantosuelta. Expanded the God of the Hammer.)

SLAVIC & ROMAN 27 Mar. 2002 (Added Ai, Akka, Ilmatar, Jumala, Kaba, Laima, Lemminkainen, Nodotus, Puleh, Ukko, Vainamoinen, and Vanemuine. Expanded Dolya and Gore)

PEOPLE of the BOOK 09 May 2002 (Corrected and clarified some technical data for Raphael)

CELTIC, GREEK, & SLAVIC 29 Sept. 2002 (Added Carlin, Cyhiraeth, the Harpiae, Karpo, Poludnitsa, Thallo)

TEUTONIC, GREEK, & SLAVIC 30 Sept. 2002 (Added Bertha, Fylgja, Hamingja, Huldra, Krukis, the Kyklopes, Scamander)

LAKOTA 04 Oct. 2002 (Added Lakota Pantheon, Added to the bibliography.)

HAUDENOSAUNEE 14 Oct. 2002 (Added Haudenosaunee Pantheon.)

CELTIC 09 Dec. 2002 (Added Sheela-na-Gig.)

TEUTONIC  05 Mar. 2003 (Added Groa, Orvandil, Skoll & Hati.)

PEOPLE of the BOOK 17 March 2003 (Added Abaddon/Apollyon, The Beast 666, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

CELTIC 17 February 2004 (Added Aife III, Dia Greine, Kelpie, and Maree. Adjustments in Cailleach Bheur)

CELTIC 17 February 2004 (Added a section on the Tuatha De Danaan and the Four Cities.)

GREEK 07 March 2004 (Added Cedalion and the Dactyls. Expanded Hephaestus). 

ROMAN 07 March 2004 (Added Angitia, Arkate & Alpinu, Caca, Catha, Charun, Cloaca, Cupra, Februus & Febris, Feronia, Fons, Fraus, Fufluns, Fulgora, Haruspices, Horta, Jana, Kulmu, Tina, Turan, Turms, Tushna, Voltumna, ans Zirna. Expanded Saturn.)

CELTIC 01 May 2009 (Added Tristan &Yseult.)

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